202 Pennsylvania Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11207 (718) 342-1900

Black Men On The Move!

Monday, May 12, 2014, the Mighty Fruit of Islam “FOI” of Muhammad Mosque 7C Brooklyn, brought the Peace in the Streets movement to the Noble Drew Ali Houses in Brownsville.

“When we first arrived, pigeons were flown and the community began to sound the alarm because they saw a group of black men in suits,” said Student First Officer Sherwood Muhammad.

“But the people opened up to us and received us with respect and admiration when they realized that we were the men of the Nation of Islam under the leadership of the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan’s Brooklyn Representative, Student Minister Henry Muhammad,” concluded Brother Sherwood.

Brother Sherwood lead dozens of men into the community that evening as part of the Nation of Islam’s “Peace in the Streets” initiative. The program, launched in more than 50 cities nationwide by the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, brings the Light, Life and Power of the Word of Allah (God) out of the mosque and into the streets. By going directly into the local neighborhoods, the FOI are able to connect with the brothers and sisters in the streets on a one-on-one personal level.

The FOI had been training all winter, and came to the community equipped with the Final Call Newspaper, the love of Allah (God), and the desire to see Black people free from poverty and want.

“(You) really blew my mind… DEEP,” exclaimed one brother in the community, after speaking with a member of the FOI.

“Whatever you need, I will support you,” pronounced another community resident, when he spoke with Brother Claude X of the FOI.

After several hours of bonding with the people, handing out free issues of the Final Call Newspaper, and demonstrating the kind of brotherly love that Jesus taught, the Mighty FOI left Noble Drew Ali Houses and returned to the mosque on Pennsylvania Avenue. Once back at the mosque, the men received more training and instruction before retiring for the evening.

The FOI will return to the streets another night; their work is not done. Their mission will not be complete until the men, women, and children living in Brooklyn are united under the the protective banner of Freedom, Justice and Equality.5c0664d2-7e28-4177-be37-7e4bb8dc4b4a


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