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Holy Day Of Atonement 2012 Skills Bank

Million man march, Washington DC, 1995 - great...

On October 14, 2012, we will celebrate the 17th Anniversary of the Million Man March. It represents a chance to help our people come together and create a future for ourselves and our children. We want to ease the reliance on others to care for us, when we have experience in, knowledge of, and access to every field of endeavor that makes America great. Among Black people we have the vital skills needed to build schools, hospitals and businesses that every free and independent people have and some countries are in need of.

The Holy Day Of Atonement 2012 is seeking to put the skills, resources, education and qualifications of those interested, into a skills data bank, that can be drawn from to help create an economic system among Black people. If you would like to enter your skills into this much needed data bank, then click the link below.

Click Here ==> HDOA2012 Skills Bank


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